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Life with no job... SO boring!

So I moved home on Sunday I have been doing more than I ever thought I would... In a bad way. I thought I would never say this but dang, I WANT A JOB! This whole stay at home "mom" thing (aka following my mom around all day) is awful! I wanna be doing work so bad! Enough complaining, I need to enjoy this time off while I can! I have been helping my mom with finishing the new house mostly but I have also been able to spend a lot of time with my little sister and my amazing boyfriend! I have really enjoyed all the time I have been able to spend with Jeremy, he really makes me smile from ear to ear! 
Back to ranting and raving about our new house I am in love with it, I cannot wait to move in and be settled! We have dealt with so much into making this house perfect I am so excited to see the finished product! Here are some "in between," the not before and not after pictures!
more kitchen! It's so pretty!
Living room/great room
living room/ formal dining room
Master bath- my FAVORITE part! 
amazing walk in shower! so jealous this isn't mine :(

So besides slaving over the new house and EVERY little detail that goes into it I have been spending tons of quality time with my younger sister! We went to dinner Tuesday night to Mimi's Cafe. We had this amazing bruschetta that was to die for!!!

I have also been loving that my little baby is enjoying being back at mama's house! She thinks she owns this place...

& last but not least... I want this adorable little blue desk for my new room! Could someone front me $600 real quick?? 

I realize this was a very random and all over the place post but this has been my life/brain the past week! I promise to get back to a normal schedule and blogging soon! 
 Hope everyone is having a great week!



  1. Like your blog! I am about to be a junior at UF and have always had a itch to do nursing, also!! I am deciding how to make my dream come true too !!! :))


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo