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My one true love, FOOD!

Its no secret and I won't try to hide it but I am in love with food. I love me some good food, I always down to try anything and everything! I can't narrow it down to a specific food I love but I will say I am a sucker for mexican, all foods mexican. I eat it at least once a week, huge no no but I can't stay away! 

My favorite quick and cheap mexican meal at home is cheese and jalapeno quesidillas! Thanks to my bff George Foreman, we whip these babies up in a matter of minutes! 

4 Simple ingredients: (yes its all Target, I live walking distance from one)

Add your desired amount of cheese and jalapenos, fold in half and cook for about 2 minutes! 

End result, so delish!
side note: I realize that is enough sour creme for 3 people but I got distracted while spooning it out, oopsie! 

Easy meal, or for me just now, late night snack! 

Now I am not a big sweets gal, I don't love chocolate and you will never find me indulging in a gallon of ice cream but I do love frozen yogurt or as I say, Froyo! 

My fav new spot in my area is called Yopop!
I personally enjoy the strawberry froyo with a little butterfinger crumbles! yum yum!  

off to enjoy my late night snack!


  1. First off, welcome to blogging! I just started a few weeks ago :)
    My brother makes these jalepeno quesidillas too. I should try out more Froyo shops because that one looks so good.

  2. Welcome to blogging =] Saw you on Amanda at College Girls blog!! Thought I'd stop by!!! I love to follow new people =]

    Feel free to check out my blog:

    ♥ Rorie

  3. why i have never thought about using the george foreman for quesadillas?? that sounds delicious!

    i've just recently been introduced to froyo since a place opened up near my school a few months so and it is soo good...cheesecake froyo with strawberries/cherries. yum yum yum

    -oh, and welcome to blogland! new follower :)


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