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Thank God it's Friday night and I just-just-just-just-juuuuuuust got paid

Throwback to some Nsync for that blog title! Happy Friday everyone! I am currently counting down the minutes to see who arrives first, my best friend Leslie or the boyfriend. hmmm. So today was my last day of work and It was rough! I cried early this morning and then cried a little again once I left :( buttttt I get to work for a few hours tomorrow and see my little booger again so even though its a Saturday I am very willing to work! 

This weekend will be filled with delicious drinks and good friends and I couldn't be more excited! Graduation is tomorrow for many of my friends and I am so happy for them all! Congratulations Hayley, Lindsey, Lauren, Liz, Ashley, Camry, Paige, Allison, Marshall, Jenny, Peter and I'm sure I forgot a few people but congrats to you all! Also today just happens to be my bestie Amanda's 22nd birthday, Happy Birthday lover! I miss you! AND It is my friend Jordan's 21st birthday, Happy Birthday Jordo, hope you remember nothing! 

Lotsss going on this weekend and I am so excited for it all! Sunday will be my last day here in raleigh and as sad as I am I'm very excited to move and start a new chapter in my life! 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


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  1. Ohhh Nsync!! They were one of my first concerts ever!! hahah

    Feel free to stop by my giveaway!!!


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