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Welcome to the world of...

...Blogging! So I gave in, I started a blog. Bare with me here since I am a little lacking in the technology/ creativity department, I'm hoping fellow bloggers and some good friends will lend me a hand!

 I guess I'll give ya a little background about me- I'm 22 years old and should be graduating college in about a week. However, I took one step forward and about four back! After 2 different colleges and about a bazillion ideas to change majors I decided to quit the current university I was attending and applying to nursing school. Its something I have always had a little itch for and its about time I scratch it! (ps. I'm a little cheesy!) I have completed my CNA class and am awaiting my official date to pas my CNA board exam! From there I will work my butt off to make them A's and get into nursing school!

A few other things I guess I could say about myself Is I absolutely love to have fun, if you want a friend to laugh with, call me! I am a very laid back and easy going girl. My friends are my life and I can't hold back bragging about my amazing boyfriend, I won't go into to sappy details but he does put quite the smile on my face! :)

Hopefully I can fulfill my dream of everything a blog should be and not scare too many people away in the process!

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  1. Hi Bre, welcome to bloggyland! I stopped by from Amanda's page.

    I'm following, I hope you're having a good day. :)


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