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Yay for hump day or as the rest of the world calls it, Wednesday! So far today has been freezing cold and rainy but hey its only 9am, today will get better! 
Here are a few things I am loving today...

- First of all I am looking forward to moving and getting my new bedroom set from Paula Deen Home! 

- Secondly, My bestie Amanda over at College Girl and two other friends are cooking a mexican feast tonight and having a few margaritas! mmm!

- Third off I am more than excited for cinco de mayo on Thursday and that I don't have to work Friday so I can actually go out and celebrate without the fear of oversleeping and being late to work! (happens too often!) 

- Last but certainly not least I get to see my amazing boyfriend on Friday! This long distance thing is rough, only 2 more weeks of it! 

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!

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