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are you afraid of the dark?

Hello ladies! So my last post (which I know was forever ago!) talked about how I was going to go to a lake house with my Papaw and family, it was wonderful but haunted. Yes, haunted. So Jeremy and I arrive at this adorable little barn looking house, sitting back in some trees, nice homemade tree swing, cute porch, oh and a CEMETERY! I did not stutter... a freakin lawn full of dead people! So my instant fear of all things dead and dark kicks in and I want to leave, immediately. Call me a baby or whatever you would like but In my opinion I like to leave the dead, dead and alone. I do not want to be "up in their space" or creeping around their resting place. After a pep talk from Paul and mom I decided I could at least try one night there and see how things go. 
Dinner was wonderful, drinks were plenty (that may have been the problem!) and surprisingly there were many fun games to play! After dinner we all went downstairs to play some shuffle board and I noticed something scary!
Me and Papaw playing! Deer in headlights?
Jeremy playing ping pong with papaw!
Here is where things got funky! Notice this picture has no little freaky spots...
THIS one however does! eeek! Ghosts?
Which I'm guessing they came from their RESTING place here...
Poor dunzos they just wanted to be left alone! Well the trip ended up being quite gloomy and horrible cold weather but very fun! Between the games and drinks it was quite an exciting weekend!! Saturday was super rainy but we managed to take a misty boat ride to enjoy the views of the mountains! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump day!

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  1. happy wednesday!!! great photos...i wonder if that is a ghost...hmm!!

    <3-Cami from Serendipitious Life


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