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Family Vacay Part 1- the most interesting 3 nights of my LIFE.

Hows your vacation been? How was Canada? Questions I have been getting since I left the comfort of my own home, my response to all... a glimpse of hell.

 Let me set the picture: Friday, 13 hours in car, we arrive in Canada, we have a wonderful dinner at this local fish market place and then expect to go to our cottage and r e l a x, possibly drink a few and laugh. 
Here is what actually happened... 
We arrive at the cottage, its hot, not eh its warm, its flippin' hot! Why you ask? oh because NO WHERE in Canada has air condition! This place is straight from the 1950's, all the furniture could be my great great grandmas and there are creepy dolls and Jesus statues all over this house. If that wasn't wonderful enough there is one TV, I am convinced it was the first television ever made, no cable and no movies. We decide to play a game, its in french. We decide going to bed would be the best choice at this point, that would have been lovely but oh yea there are HUNDREDS of bugs, nasty, noisy and gross bugs. These bugs are flying in your ears, nose and mouth while your trying to sleep. We wake up the next morning and I have sweat myself to death because there is no air condition and I am pretty sure I have swallowed 30 bugs, we quickly decide that the four day relaxing cottage adventure in Canada would be cut short and we would leave asap. THANK GOD!

Saturday we lay by the water and were back over the border by 5pm and its onto New York's largest 80's party! You heard me right, largest 80's party! After a Target trip and some tacky hot pink eye shadow I was ready to go! 
This is Meagan (kinda step-sister) Me and Meagan's cousin Lindsay!
And I mean its no big deal but I met Carlton Banks at the 80's party... yea I said that, Carlton from the Fresh Prince anddddd he did the Carlton!
By far the best night we've had yet, 3 down, 6 to go. whomp whomppp. 

So Sunday we went back into Canada and went to Niagara Falls. It was moving and a wonderful experience, I have never been so amazed at nature like I was at the falls! I have amazing pictures on my camera but I have no camera cord so here are a few pictures from the crackberry!
One issue I had was wearing a linen and cotton dress and the mist from the falls gets you SOAKED! I was dripping wet! 

So last night we arrived at Paul's brothers house, wonderful home, nice company but once again NO air condition! These NY people are crazy, We have stayed in 3 different places and have yet to have air condition! I am actually getting used to muggy feeling clothes and wavy hair at this point! I do have to say sleeping in some undies and sports bras has been quite wonderful! haha well heres the story to last night, like I said this has been one freakin eventful trip! We get all cozy last night, everyone is falling asleep, I am passedddd out from walking all day and all of a sudden I see Paul coming into my bedroom with a fishing net, yes a huge fishing net. He is coming towards me yelling "GET DOWN!!" I have just awoke from a pretty deep sleep so I bury myself under the covers and start screaming. I take a peek to see what the F*#! is going on and there is a freaking BAT flying around my room, a bat!!!! After an hour of chasing the thing It gets free, still in the house but its no longer being chased my Paul. Poor little bat, Paul had a scary look in his eye and I doubt that bat could have gotten out of here alive! 

So yes this has been my trip ladies & gents... 3 nights down and I could probably still sit here for another hour and type out stories to you all. Six more nights to go, I hope I can keep someone entertained with my insane and not so luxurious vacation! Meanwhile I hope everyone back in the South is enjoying the wonderful air condition and a bug free evening! 


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  1. You look super cute at Niagara Falls! Can't wait for your return back to NC!


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