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NY & Canada, eh?

Yep thats right, this time tomorrow I will be in this country...

Drinking a little of this...

And getting to see this beauty!
Yea so I am SO excited I am about the Canada part of the trip but I am also extremely excited about going to New York! Exactly a year ago I went to NYC with my cousins and sister and I had the time of my life! 
Last year in NYC...

This year I will be with my family and "step-dads" extended family in Buffalo! I am really glad I will get to know his side of the family a little more and spend time just hanging out! My mom, sister, Meagan and I will be going to NYC for a night during the trip! Basically 48 hours of shopping, eating and going wild in the city! Who needs sleep?? I am going to take my laptop with me so I can hopefully blog and keep up to date on friends and what not, 10 days is a along time to be away!! However If I am unable to obtain wireless internet then please excuse my 10 day absence :( 

ps. this is my current set up planning for NYC... a Yuengling & Lloyd's new album! mmhmm! 
pss. I stole sisters aquamarine diamonds for the evening... LOVE them! shhh!


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  1. Have a great time in NY! As a resident I can assure that it's got so much to do, but remember to stay cool. It's like a million degrees out with no signs of cooling off.


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