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PSA: too much heat= poodle status

My very first public service announcement... I am not very savvy when it comes to hair so naturally when I try something new I tend to try it hours before my actual plans because chances are I will be showering twice to re do that hair do! So today I decided "hey I'm going to curl my hair like my sister does!" Well first off I should have put more thought into the fact that my sister is only 16 but professional status at hair and makeup. She has a YouTube channel with two other girls about makeup, hair, beauty, etc. AND she gets paid. So once again what was I thinking? I used a new curling iron of hers that seems to be wonderful, for her. This little gadget gets up to 400 some odd degrees and curls your locks in a matter of seconds, little sister looks like this...
Beautiful & perfect! 

I look like this... poodle like and huge poofy hair! It may look semi ok but it is SO NOT! if I move too fast it comes undone and becomes hugeee! AH 

So ladies I am warning you, a device that reaches 400 degrees in heat should not be used on your hair unless you are sure you know what your doing, or maybe if I had more hair. Who knows but all I'm saying is It looks like I'll be showering before tonights dinner! ek!


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  1. Haha...this is too funny. Usually I have to try out a hairstyle a couple times at home because I end up looking like your poodle twin the first couple of attempts. Keep trying and when in doubt just have your sister do your hair :-)


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