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Hello kiddos! Well its Wednesday again, I prefer hump day. Just got off work and lemme tell you, its flippin hot outside! Working at the pool has it perks, for once I have a pretty sexy tan going on. And it has its not so perky things, pouring sweat and being exhausted at 5pm. ew. But back to what I am loving on this hot and beautiful Wednesday!

I am loving the time I have been able to spend with le boyfriend. He is truly an amazing person and he has really gotten me back on track with God in my life. My last relationship was lacking that spiritual connection and I really lost touch with with God. Jeremy has such a strong passion for the Lord that it made me take a step back and say, "what can I do to become closer to God?" I have been blessed with Jeremy in my life and I am thankful for everyday I have gotten to be with him! Love you!

I am loving the time I have been spending with my family. I will be moving, once again, in about a month for school so I am really looking forward to devoting my last few weeks in the household to family time! My mom is an amazing woman and we may not get along everyday but she is a "super mom."

I am loving that the sun is doing some work to my hair! As you know I have always been a blonde, Barbie colored to be specific. After my last relationship ended I did the whole "I need to color my hair so I feel better thing." Note to self: STUPID idea. I went for a dark brown, now don't get me wrong I really liked it but I quickly started noticing that the color was making my hair fall out. not cool. Since I would like to not be bald and 20 something I have decided to let my hair go natural. yikes! So thank goodness I have chosen an outside summer job because the sun is really lightening up my hair! 

 Exhibit A: super dark hair

Exhibit B: sun kissed natural hair!

I am loving so many more things but right now I am loving the thought of eating dinner. So I am going to stuff my face and I'll talk to you dolls later! 


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  1. The sun lightens my hair too! I love that orange dress, it's super cute!


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