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7 Fall Lustworthy Trends

Happy Wednesday dolls! I am skipping the WILW post because well I get kind of bored with them! I haven't been blogging much this week due to my close to 50 hour work week! whew! I have about an hour break right now so I decided I would devote this time to blogging and online window shopping! 

I am stealing Cosmo's September fashion trend and re-vamping it according to MY style! I love my Cosmo that comes every month but I am not so wild about their fashion every month. I usually disagree with a few choices and have nothing in common with the 6 foot devilish looking model sporting the latest trends. I'm a southern girl, I have southern charm and a cute smile, I just don't get the "I'm going to melt you with my eyeliner and fluffy hair look." So any-who back on subject: 7 Fall Lustworthy Trends according to this lady! 
& ps. I tried to keep everything $100 and below, I mean I can sympathize with all the broke fashionistas out there! 
pss. I nixed the last fall trend from Cosmo, just wasn't my style at all! 

1. Something Sheer
Now obviously American Apparel has NO issue with nudity but I do... so I covered her lady lumps for y'all! This is an awesome sheer top, I love the nude color and paired with the right undergarments this fits my description for "something sheer."

2. A Shortie Sweater
I really don't love the idea of a cropped sweater but pairing it with a crisp white collared shirt could really make this item pop! This sweater is girly and I love the color, don't know if it is the best choice with a crisp white collared shirt but who cares? A little pricey, from Top Shop
This cropped sweater is in my kind of broke-college-kid price range from Old Navy and once again, I am loving this fall color!

3. Going Monochromatic 
Self Explanatory. I LOVE this look...

Simple silk shirt from Banana Republic
paired with these pants from H&M 
sidenote: I would switch up the belt for a gold or platinum one to make it a little more "mono."
Add your own nude heel and you've got my idea of a monochromatic outfit!

4. Seductive Lace 
This simple sexy black lace dress from H&M instantly caught my eye. So Sexy! 

5. Deep Red

I had a hard time choosing on this one, I really liked the flow of this dress, you can easily throw it on for a day of running around or pair it with a sexy nude or black heel for a night out! Found this gem from LuLu's

6. A Touch Of Faux Fur
If I am going to give into this trend I think I instantly fell for Rachel Zoe's line. Her newest line can be found at

um, YES PLEASE! I am a sucker for something be dazzled! This one really excites me! I would definitely have to go with a holiday dress for numero seven, since my birthday is also in the month of December I need more than one party dress! I'm going to splurge one this one from Nordstrom

Hope this gets the fashion going for fall, I am dying to go shopping now! ah! 
Have a fabulous rest of the day!


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  1. I want to wear more lace this fall. It looks timeless and elegant, but can be youthful and fun.


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