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h2o, aqua, water, I need it!

Hey dolls! So this is not a usual post for me but it has taken me almost 23 years to realize my body has been craving water for about 5 of those years. oopsie. So I confess I am an addict to Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper and I drink about 4 a day, yea I know I can hear the "oh my lord child" right now.I have never been a fan of water, its boring, quite bland and has no carbonation, which I am also an addict of. So honestly unless I am trying to kill off a massive hangover or just extremely thirsty I refuse to drink water. I've tried the carbonated and flavored waters and they just aren't the same as an ice cold, from the can Diet Coke.
Makes your mouth just water right?? ahhh...

 Well these past two weeks I have been feeling super blah, kinda dragging and just ick. I have been running a little and even thought I have been getting great sleep I kept blaming my ickyness on stress?!? Then last night I went to dinner with Jeremy and had two glasses of wine, the usual. I literally woke up this morning feeling like I drank twelve glasses of wine and a few shots. ew. I showered, got ready (drank a Diet Coke) and then it hit me like a ton of bricks... my body is craving water! I seriously don't know the last day I actually drank a glass of water, so I sat down and told myself I need to change this, STAT! I grabbed my pink Camelbak water bottle and filled that baby up, twice. I have made a promise to myself to drink at least two Camelbaks a day and push for three if I will be consuming an adult beverage later on that evening at dinner! 

I am sure a few of you are saying "this girl must be half stupid to just now realize she needed water!" The answer is yes I am a little stupid, I have always believed a DC could cure anything. Well I am committed to this water thing because I can already tell a difference in my mood and energy today just by drinking two Camelbaks! whooo go me! I want to really keep this up! 

A little secret, I've added a strawberry-kiwi Crystal Light packet to one and it went down much easier! My favorite is the green tea ones, none were handy this morning but they're perfect in the 24 oz bottles, not too strong and still taste yummy! 

I got my Camelbak from a sports store a few years back but you can find them here!
I really love my Camelbak but I also loveee the double wall acrylic cups with the straws! I had one monogrammed back in March and it was stolen at school last semester, sadness. You can get them from Marley Lilly!! 

My sister just recently purchased a Bobble water bottle, they have some kind of filtration system in them and is perfect for her since shes always on the tennis courts drinking nasty water fountain water! I found them for $10 at Target!!

What do you ladies do to keep yourselves hydrated? What do y'all like to drink out of?



  1. I usually carry around my Nalgene. It carries so much water, I love it.

  2. I have a pink CamelBak as well and it is the best thing! I agree that water can sometimes be bland and boring, but that is really all that I ever drink, so water bottles make it more enjoyable. Good luck on drinking up that h2o!


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