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Oh Bobbi, how I love you!

Hello lovies! So for my very few followers and consistent readers, you probably know that I don't talk much about makeup. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some makeup, dolling myself up and looking fabulous on a Friday night, BUT I am not one who usually spends all my dough on some foundation. Well I think today I have changed my mind, forever. In the past I have been a snob for Chanel, I mainly think because my very first "make-over" was done with all Chanel makeup. So naturally I was in love, I threw away my poor high school paycheck on that Chanel bag of goodies and never looked back. So long story short, college happened, I became one broke a college kid and CoverGirl became my bff.

So here is how I fell back in love... This semester I have classes 9-12 everyday, I am not working due to the extreme studying I, uh, should be putting into each class?!? Anyways, after class today I passed a Belk, thought to myself, "hmm I really need some black jeans, I'll stop in and window shop." HA famous last words! While browsing for said black jeans I stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown... all the sorority sisters would swear upon this man but I never knew the true power of it, until today.

A face full of Bobbi and an hour later I was sucked back into the world of oh la la makeup! I really thought I looked good every morning as I stepped out of the house but man was I wrong! My concealer was whack, eyeliner thicker than one of the earth's crusts and foundation about 3 shades darker than my actual face. oopsie. So to end this saga of a sad story here is what I purchased from Bobbi Brown...

Corrector in Bisque, light and airy for under my eyes. I have serious probs with the dark circles!
Mineral foundation in Light. I have never been a huge fan of foundations, I always feel heavy and like my skin is sliding off of my face, but after wearing this all day I feel like I'm wearing nothing! Loves it! 
Blush in Peony, very adorbs girl that applied Bobbi on me said this stuff will last you up to TWO years if applied correctly! Um for $24 I can do that! 
Eyeliner, black. So apparently this stuff is ah-mah-zing! Award winner for best eyeliner from The Knot magazine, and honey if they say this is the best eyeliner to wear at my wedding then I'm wearing it! I love how light it is and didn't smear toward the end of the day down my precious face. 

So yes ridiculous amount of $$ spent today but OH so worth it! As soon as my mom walked in the door this afternoon her immediate response was "Oh my gosh Bre your makeup looks amazing! What did you do differently today?" Oh yea, I'm loving the recent purchases! 

Here is the finished product...

and just if anyone wonders... those eyelashes are mine, all mine. And I will never spend more than $10 on mascara... this is my secret, incredibleee! Maybelline One by One mascara, the BEST I have ever seen/used and only about $7! 

I also did a little clothing shopping today buttt I'll save that for later, ps. I went a little retro! haha

I hope everyone in the dear ol' south is okay from horrid Irene, I am so thankful  my friends and family are ok! 

Love & Prayers

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