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Morning Beauties! 
Hope everyone's week has been going smoothly! I have today off so I am enjoying relaxing and catching up on life today and possibly getting some laundry done! 

So this Wednesday...
I am loving that I got to go see my best friend Amanda and Hayley on Monday! I haven't seen Amanda since late May and I haven't seen Hayley since the wedding I was in back In June! I was so happy to spend the day with Amanda and have some margaritas with Hales! I love you girls so much! xoxo

I am loving that this weekend I get to just hang out with Jeremy and our friends. We both were so busy in July that I don't think we even spent one weekend at home! It should be nice to just go out around town and possibly lay by the pool one day! 

I am loving my Jack Rogers purchase I made while in NYC! I have a few pairs of Jacks and I was even guilty of buying a pair to match my school colors for football games (worn to 4 games, oops!) So imagine my pure and insane excitement when I found this pair for only $23... yea you heard me, twenty-three dollars!!! Love Century 21!

and lastly I am loving that Jeremy's birthday is less than 2 weeks away! I love, love, love birthdays. I am a huge celebration person, I love giving gifts, decorating and all that jazz! BUT heres the thing, I have NO clue what to get that boy! He will be turning 24 and he isn't the type of guy that asks for a lot or wants a lot! So ladies I need your help, any suggestions? Thanks!


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