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Lovely Wednesday it is down here in the south! Hope everyone has had an easy going week so far! I have been a little slack lately on the posts, or should I say I'm a little slack ALL the time! I have a hard time coming up with posts and once I do I have a hard time actually finding the time to sit down and compose them all! But enough complaining on my part, on to what I am loving this week! 

First and foremost I am loving that Jeremy's birthday is on Friday! I am wayyyyyyy excited about his present, which should be here today, and  just incase he does ever read my bloggy blog I will refrain from posting what I got him! But omg y'all I am so excited to give it to him! 

I am loving this nail polish color from Forever 21. I think it was only $1, what a steal! It called Jade and is the perfect August/end of summer color! 

I am loving all the sleep I have been getting lately, I am a sleeper and I love it! Come August 22nd my sleep is going out with window with a full school schedule and work schedule, boooo. I have been sleeping so well and so deep the past couple of weeks I have felt great! 

I am super loving that Jeremy and I chose the top five places he wants to get placed in his job. Come December his company has the option to place him in any one of their offices all over the east coast. After much consideration, a few intense talks and a couple tears we decided on the top five. He will most likely get his top one of two choices but there is also about an even chance he could get three, four or five! Ekk! In order we chose: Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Tampa FL and Asheville NC. Wish us luck, we will find out in September! 


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