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The Forever Glamorous

Happy Thursday dolls! 
I slacked off and skipped blogging yesterday, my 3 hour nap was so much more important, oops! So today I want to introduce to everyone my sister's YouTube channel! She is 16, a junior in high school and addicted to all things fashion and makeup! Sister is totally adorbs in her videos! Her and two of her best friends, Morgan and Sydney have created this channel to let fellow teens know about current trends! They do an amazing job and I am kind sorta jealous of her current success. They started their channel just to get the word out there about makeup and fashion and they have turned into somewhat a sensation among friends and fellow vloggers (did I spell that correctly?) haha Recently The Forever Glamorous was  informed that if they reach 25,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel they will be able to attend the IMATs in 2012. They are super excited about this and I really hope I can do what it takes to help them get there!! 

This is one video just Sister is in, shes doing a tutorial for blue eyes! 

So what I need from you ladies is to subscribe to their YouTube channel and spread the word! They are also on Twitter, I'll post all the links below!

Follow sister here!
Follow Morgan here!

Love you dolls!

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