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Temporary freak out moment... ZARA is ONLINE!

Yes, I know, whattttttt? So maybe I am late to this party but I just found out ZARA will be available to purchase online starting September 7th! OMG! Upon finding this out I stocked my shopping cart up! Then I came to the bittersweet conclusion that I cannot purchase anything! With J & I's upcoming move and relocation to  possible different state we literally need to be saving every penny possible, boo hiss. So as the dear sweet girlfriend that I am I have taken it upon myself to stop any unnecessary shopping, so unfortunately a ZARA shopping trip is unnecessary. 

So even though I cannot purchase the following, these lovely items will be on my wish list, hint hint honey! ;) 

I know you ladies are just as excited as I am so tell me, what will you be ordering from ZARA??


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