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Wine a little, or a lot!

Happy hump day 'yall! 

I have a dilemma... I have about 5 pounds of wine corks. Don't judge, I like wine. Haha no, they're actually all from a family friend who owns a little restaurant, come one I can't drink that much wine! So my problem is what to do with all of these lovely corks. I thought about the typical cork board but I do not like clutter and things pinned up all over my kitchen on a cork board is not my style! 

So after dilly-dallying around on Pintrest I found these cute ideas! 

Do any of 'yall have cork related items in your home or know of some cool ideas? If so leave me comments! I want to do something really cool with all of my corks! 

oh, ps. I;m blonde again! ;) & J is ridiculous, but I love him! 



  1. I think the wreath is absolutely adorable! It would fit perfectly in the seasons where there really isn't a specific holiday to decorate for. But honestly, all these options are wonderful!

  2. I actually JUST did a winecork was super easy and cheap to do :) and your hair looks great blonde--I kinda want to go blonde again but I'm too scared my hair is already too dark.

  3. You look like you should be blonde! It looks so good! I looove the cork letter.

    I am now officially obsessed with your blog.


  4. I've made monograms with my old corks. I really like them, but I love that backsplash idea!


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