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Awkward & Awesome Monday!


-Getting a little too tipsy on Saturday night at my parents house with lots of friends and literally busting my ass in the kitchen. I blame the slippery socks but everyone else blames the maragronas. 

-Currently my room is awkward. We moved a bunch of my furniture this weekend and my room is so empty feeling! My precious little blue desk is gone and so is my lingerie drawer, so my panties are everywhere! And no, I am in no mood to organize and put things in a proper place, too lazy. 

-Literally laughing out loud in class today at some stu-pid girl. We have known for WEEKS that we had an open book test today, she always says that she doesn't understand our teacher. I agree, she can be confusing at times, but when you are playing on facebook 98% of the class, well its not the teacher sweetie its you. Well today we sit down, I pull out my book and teacher notices she didn't bring hers. Dr. Campbell then says "you get a zero" Girl freaks out and starts yelling she never told us about the test. The WHOLE class is now staring at her and i busted out laughing. I couldn't help it. I got a nasty look from Dr. Campbell but come on girl, we've all known for weeks, possibly months. Check yo syllabus! 

-Carrying a knife around all weekend in my purse and continuously reaching in and getting stabbed. We took a knife to the storage unit so we could open boxes and see what we wanted to keep/throw away. Well I kept forgetting it was in my purse! 


Watching two amazingly hilarious movies this weekend. Purchasing both of these asap, or putting on Christmas list. Yes, Christmas list. Hilarious! 

- Maybelline Baby Lips, y'all this stuff is awesome! Its super moisturizing and just a hint of color, perfect for everyday wear. Leaves your lips feeling so smooth and soft! I bought the Peach Kiss color, nude and the Cherry Me, slight tint of red! Love both of them! Oh and super awesome- they're $3!!

-Our new bedroom furniture is being delivered on Wednesday! yay! And we also confirmed our official moving day, November 19th! Can't freaking wait to be in Charlotte! 

- My best friend Leslie lives with a few girls and one of them won a wine and shopping night at a little boutique in Winston! Wednesday night I get to go sip wine and shop with a sweet discount after hours! If only I had more than about $100 in my bank account. Oh sigh, can't wait for that loan to begin! 

Any awkward and awesome stories from your guys this lovely Monday? I wanna hear them! 



  1. I loved Horrible Bosses!!! Hilarious!

  2. I haven't seen either of these movies, surprisingly since I LOVE movies! I'm going to run out and get some of that lip gloss, the price is great! Congrats on everything being set up for the move! When you're in Charlotte I will come visit :) That's where I will hopefully be when I graduate. And finalllly, have fun shopping on Wed, what boutique is it?!


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