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Stranger Danger!

So this is kind of a difficult post for me to write but I feel like I need to talk about it one last time and make people aware! Sorry if I threw some humor in, If I get too serious I get really anxious over the story.
If you follow me on Twitter or possibly Facebook, you might have seen my brief but scary post about being assaulted by this cray-cray woman on Wednesday. 

Heres how the story goes...
I went through the Bojangles drive-thru (don't judge!) to grab me some dang good seasoned fries before going to Jeremy's hotel to wait for him to get off work. Half way back to the hotel I realize they forgot to give me honey mustard, call me crazy but I just can't eat them without it. So I did a u-turn, as I am back tracking to BoJo's I realize this car is following me, took the same u-turn, all the same turns, ran a red light to keep up with me, etc. Well I park at BoJo's and she parks behind my car blocking me in. Umm, yes crazy, what do you want? I get out of my car hoping she will just go away. As soon as I'm out of the car she rolls down her window and throws her arm out of the car screaming "GIVE ME MY KEYS BITCH!" I'm sorry what? your keys??? Honey child this is MY car that I just purchased, not yours. Mine. She continues to scream this at me, over and over. I turn around with my phone in my hand and yell back "I'll just call the cops and they can tell us who's car it really is!" Her response...
"Fine bitch, call the cops, promise they won't get here in time though" In time for what you ask? Oh... in time to find me still alive apparently. 

Right as she's finishing her sentence she attacks me, she had both my arms grasped by hers and in that exact moment I literally saw my life flash before me eyes. She finally realizes that my keys aren't in my purse and they were in my hand. She then lets go of my left arm and with her left fist she began punching and repeatedly hitting me down my arm, torso and she even got one awesome blow on the top of my head. ouch. I don't know how, when or by the grace of God it happened but next thing I knew I was running inside the BoJo's from her and she just walked away, got in her car and drove away. I like to think that I used my self-defense moves in learned in my self-defense class in college, but who knows. I was probably just squiggling and screaming like a chicken. 

At this point I am hysterical, crying, screaming and shaking. The entire time she was attacking me I had been screaming "help, someone help me!" and NO ONE helped me. Everyone literally just stared at me. Once I'm inside, crying and hyperventilating curled up in a small ball on a chair, someone comes over to me and says "Honey, you aren't ok are you??" No I'm not. Someone calls 911 and a man who saw the whole thing in the parking lot got her license plate number. Thank God. I start praying and thanking God that I was alive and not seriously hurt, also that she didn't get away with anything of mine. The Police finally show up after taking their sweet time to get there. I made my statement and they started a town-wide search for her car. 
Jump ahead two days. I get a call from an investigator. She says they have arrested and brought in a girl they believe who was driving the car. She was found in an apartment complex in the projects. I go tomorrow to identify her in a line up and take out charges for assault and attempted robbery. 

The Police seem to think that because I had 30 day tags on my car she just saw my car and thought to herself, I want that car and I'll do whatever it takes. Apparently when they arrested her they told me she won't just be facing my charges. No kidding y'all she had the most cracked-out look to her that in itself was SO scary. 

My first mistake was getting out my car when I knew she was behind me, second was not going to the gym everyday, she was about my size but DAMN the girl was strong! I have a super crazy paranoid-ness right now but I feel like I should always be more aware of my surroundings. I am so glad that I was not hurt anymore than the few bruises and soreness I've had. I am going to start carrying some mace and possibly a small knife around haha yesss. 

Stay alert ladies & take a self-defense class! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. I'm sorry hear about that. It certainly seems like a rare occurrence, at least I'd like to hope so. Good to know you're doing alright.

  2. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that happened to you! That's some serious stuff, but at least you're all right. I hate to say it, because I know it's so soon, but now you'll never forget to be more aware.


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