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These Are My Confessions

I have kind of noticed a trend going on... people are confessing! I wan't to jump on this bandwagon! 

I confess... I want to do this whole one glittery nail thing, bad. So bad I literally just thought about going to CVS at 10:30pm to buy glitter polish. 
I obtained this fab idea from Leslie's blog! 

I confess... I have realized that no matter how nice I truly am and no matter how nice I try to be, girls are bishes. Just flat out. I feel like I have always known this but when I genuinely reach out to you, trying to put bull shit high school days in the past and you still are a bia. Well, your loss. Not mine. 

I confess... I have been hiding out at Jeremy's house for the past two days to avoid my mother. Jeremy isn't even here, he's away for work, and yet I am hiding out here. Mom- I love you, but Lord woman, you drive me CRAZY! 

I confess... (I know, It's gross) I don't wash my hair every day, sometimes not even every other day. My hair is blonde so it rarely looks nasty or greasy and I have found that in 20 some years of washing my hair that if I was it everyday it get so grease-tastic/thin/falls out. my solution, wash it every other day. In some circumstances when I hit the snooze button twelve too many times I just dry shampoo that ish and go about my day! Washing my body however is a daily routine. mandatory. 

I confess... I have worn this outfit three times in the past two weeks. I just LOVE it! So this is my OOTW (outfit of the week?) 
Shirt Old Navy, Cardigan J. Crew, Jeans Forever 21, Boots BCBG (about 3 seasons old) Watch Michael Kors, Bangle Target 

and my last confession... 
I confess... Normally I am so tidy, neat freak, love clean and put together. BUT lately I have been, lazy, not neat, wear the same shirt, and not care if the floor is bare kinda mood. What is wrong with me?? I honestly think that I am just tired of living out of a suitcase/ moving homes every week. I just want to be in one place. My new home. 

Have a great Friday dolls! 


  1. My ring finger is gold glitter today too!! The rest are pink!! I love it!!

  2. Love those nails. I'm going to copy you! And I have that striped cardigan, LOVE it.


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