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You wear it, You wash it.

Happy Monday!
I don't really know how to contain my excitement right now, so I'm not going to...

Whew, ok, got that out. 

I think we got the bedroom figured out... possibly. I ordered a few pillows and then had regrets. But can't undo a handmade order. I'll deal with it. 
ps. sneak peek at the new bedroom furniture (don't know why the wood looks different colors, the first pic is the most accurate)
No, that will not be used as a book shelf and calculator holder but I have no intention on setting things up when we move again in 5 days. 
Yes, that is a really cool, sneaky, pop-out jewelry organizer in my mirror. whattt.

So back on track. I want to make my laundry room not look like a normal laundry room. I was thinking along the lines of things like this:

Gorgeous & perfect, right?

But see my laundry room looks a lot more like this with a lot less space... Well this is my actual laundry room. 

Things I need in my laundry room:
-Hanging rack on door to steam clothes and hang dry items
-rack for ironing board and iron because yes, I still iron some of Jeremy's work clothes
-Something to disguise/cover up things that will be on the top shelf 
-baskets and bins to hold cleaning supplies and such

So heres my thing, I have tons of ideas and no idea how to put this all together! Do any of you ladies have a to die for laundry room? Or even a simple idea that has made laundry time more appealing/fun/cute?

Let me know! 


  1. Good luck getting your laundry area organized!! I would love to know the secret to a fabulous laundry room!

    P.S. Could you email me your email address sometime soon! I am sending out information about the Holly Jolly Swap soon and couldn't get your email off your profile!! My email is

    I hope you've had a great Monday!!

  2. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower! :D

  3. love your blog girl and good luck getting your laundry area organized :) i wish i lived closer so i could help you in person ha- sad to say i adore organizing! xo


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