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Awkward & Awesome Monday!


- Living in an open and no door apartment so when your napping yesterday and you let out this huge snort/awkward noise from your nose in your sleep and wake yourself up, yep everyone else who was there playing Mario also heard

-On the subject of Mario, playing for so many hours you re-play levels to "figure out what you missed" (Jeremy's awkward, not mine)
-Getting in a serious heated argument with my mother over her crazy ways and wanting to hit something, instead I kicked my bed. Think I broke my toeeee, again. I'm smooth!

-Being stressed and actually giving my professor a piece of my mind this morning, only to stop a realize that everyone was staring at me. Oh and I have 4 more meeting times with the goon I got mad at this morning. Ugh.

-Taking a nap this afternoon (I take a lot of those) falling asleep in sweats and a hoodie, waking up covered in sweat. ew. 


- I GOT THE JOB! I would be a little more excited but its your basic entry level job, I will be someones bish for a few months until I've learned how to take care of the kiddos all on my own, and on my own enough to not get sued. It's the medical field. Gotta start somewhere! 

-This means I get to buy new scrubs, not just the yucky navy ones for school. Enough said. 
Oh and fellow nursing bloggers- any websites with decent prices or deals? My favorite scrubs are the Grey's Anatomy ones, they fit & feel perfect but they're so expensive! 

-Its book buy back time, hello cash money right before Christmas! 

-Dance Moms is coming back... OH MY GOSH! 

-Totally awesome, It's the last week of classes and work. Hallelujah!!!

-Last awesome for the day, I received an adorable christmas card from Crystal over at Coffee @ Nordstrom! 

She has been hosting a 12 days of giveaways and I am really curious about todays! Hurry on over and enter! It's only open till 11:59 TONIGHT!

How is everyone else's Monday going?

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  1. Hey! I just realized I never wrote you back about places to go in Charlotte! I'm assuming you have moved here already? How do you like it?

    Here are some of my fav spots to eat:
    Southpark area - Cowfish, Pacos Tacos
    Dilworth area & Southend- Bad Daddy's, Cantina, RuSans, 300East, Common Market
    Plaza Midwood - Soul Gastrolounge (probably my #1 fav!), Zada Janes for brunch
    NoDa - Crepe Cellar, Cabo Fish Taco
    Metropolitan - Vivace, Pisces Sushi


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