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The best way to spread Christmas cheer... singing loud for all to hear! 
Love December, and Christmas movies and everything about the holidays!

I also love taking pictures so instead of writing what the past couple of days has been like I will just show you, no one likes reading anyways, right?

J & I celebrated being all settled in Thursday night and went to Cajun Queen, a New Orleans inspired restaurant, delicious food! 
I may have gotten extremely sick from this food, possibly food poisoning but J ate quite a bit of mine also and he was fine so I am blaming the sickness of the sketchy japanese food I ate for lunch, gross. TMI? Sorry! 

He hates smiling and looking "cheesy" in pics so this is his go to face, love it!

Friday morning J flew to Jersey City to spend time with his dad who just recently moved up there for a job, his sister and mom joined them also. I was a bit jealous of him going into the city all day Friday and Saturday, I wanted to shop also! 
So after I was able to get out of bed Friday afternoon and recover from the awful sickness I drove to my moms house, I may be 20 something but I love my momma taking care of me! She made me some "tummy tea" haha and I actually felt a lot better! I even managed to fix my hair after something I saw on pintrest a few days ago!

I need to perfect it and try to hide the bobby pins but I wasn't in any mood to try this over and over! 
from the front... I love the poofy look it gives from the front!

Me and mom then did some Christmas shopping and got our nails done! I wish this pic showed her ring, its amazing, I wish I had it! 
Mine- OPI Jade is the new Black
Mom- OPI Red Dazzle 

Saturday Sister & I decided to go hunt for a present for our momma, believe me its a task! We managed to grab a few things she's been talking about but geez that woman is hard to shop for!! We also bought ourselves a few stocking stuffers! 

We came home to an 11ft tree... uh really? haha and OF COURSE they voted me to climb the ladder and make the tree topper! geez family! 
I think I did a pretty great job, considering I had 3 glasses of wine before I even got on the ladder! 

We decorated for 4 hours and were still not done, its 11 frickin' feet. I'll try and post a picture once it's completed! 

Well I am off to complete a mound of paperwork and homework. booo. Possibly a Target trip to interrupt, we need more ornaments!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! What did y'all do this weekend?


  1. I've seen that hairstyle on pinterest and it's super cute!

  2. You had such a fun weekend! I may be wrong, but I think I recognize your boy.. I may have had a class with him at App or something?! Y'all are so cute together!!

    P.S. Your hair is adorable!!

  3. Looks like you had such a fun weekend! You pull off that hairstyle very well!

  4. Your tree looks great! I need to try that hairstyle...

  5. I love the hair look from pinterest! We BETTER get to hang out over break!!


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