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Birthday Weekend Recap!

Ok so I am seriously recovering from my birthday weekend. Holy mother I am hurting, I just cannot stay up late and eat bad food and drink multiple drinks like I used to! I'm pretty sure I slept like 16 hours between now and Thursday and I am DYING. I managed to get a nap in today but here it is 10:30 and I'm struggling! 
Enough whining, onto a recap of my insanely fun birthday weekend!

Thursday was my actual birthday, I spent most of the day in class and studying but I did manage to squeeze in a dinner at my favorite japanese place!
Best friend Lindsay, sister, Moi, step-sista-ish Meagan
My best friend just happens to be a hair dresser, she always looks dang perfect and I managed to run out the door without even drying my hair all the way! Figures!

Friday after class I drove on to Charlotte and we had a small gathering of friends at our apartment, we wanted to go out but ended up at a tacky sweater party and I canoodled with the coolest dog in the world all night while he & I were being fed jello shots. Great night! I left the camera at home so I only got blackberry shots... boo blackberry. Oh and yes, I wore the same shirt twice. It's a really neat shirt, looks way cool from the back!

Saturday night was the best! My good friend Leslie came to Charlotte and I had SO much fun with her like old times! 

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! Thanks to all of you who made it such an awesome birthday and thanks to all the amazing gifts (and wine) I received!
 Well I'm off to sleep the night away! Finals in the morning, yuckkk! 
Night Y'all!


  1. I just ran across your blog and figured out that you live in Charlotte! I'm in school at UNCC and live in Charlotte also! Definitely love your blog- I'm your newest follower! :)


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