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Confessional Friday!

Yay! My first link up! 

1. I have bought 3 Christmas presents. And I will probably not be able to buy anymore... nor do I feel like I should, unless I want to eat Ramen for the next month

2. Speaking of Ramen... I actually really like it. I like it so much I kinda sometimes choose to eat it out of want not need
Don't judge

3. I have been dying to do this sock bun curl craze, I try the sock bun and it wont even stay. My sisters best friend decided to try it last night and I got this picture when she woke up... I wanna punch her, for being so gorgeous and pulling this seemingly impossible hair style 
Ugh... pretty bitch. 

4. My Papaw and his wife gave Jeremy & I a house warming gift, memory foam pillows by Sleep Innovations. Holy motherrrrr, I want to carry the pillow everywhere with me, I mean EVERYWHERE! I was sitting in my exam today and thought, "gosh I would really love that pillow behind my back right now" I may start carrying it to class, only kidding. 
Thank you Gramps! 

5. I felt like a giddy child around lunch time today, for the reason that I finally met Emily in real life! Her blog is currently inactive due to some serious stalking issues (crazy bishes) but I'm sure you all know who she is! It was so nice to finally meet someone who you read all about and really relate to! 
Jeremy always makes fun of my "fake friends" so I can't wait to tell him one became an in real life friend today! 

6. Also on the subject of Emily, I will be guest blogging while she's soaking up the sun on a cruise! But I have yet to start my post, or really even know what I am going to write about, eugh. 
"Add guest post to to-do list, STAT!"

Have a great Friday dolls! 


  1. I sometimes choose to eat Ramen also. I think it's pretty good! I'm very much in need of a good pillow! I think it would be really fun to meet some blog friends in real life. I'm pretty new to the whole blogging thing, but it's amazing how many new friends you can make! Have a great weekend!

  2. Dude, Ramen is the best. My favorite is the Roast Chicken flavor. Ramen is basically the one meat product I ate after becoming a vegetarian. I tried to pretend that "chicken fat" wasn't really meat, haha.

  3. Never heard of the sock curl? Hmm...My hair is too darn short for all the fun stuff haha

  4. I feel the same way about the sock bun. It always looks so perfect in pinterest photos, but pulling it off in real life is nearly impossible. I've tried it a couple of times only to wake up 5 minutes later with the sock nowhere near my hair and across the room. Great post!

  5. My google reader has been SO messed up and shows me your posts days after they were published. So frustrating!

    Anyway, I'm totally inspired by the sock bun curls. Totally going to have to try that soon!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  6. I just found your blog! I love your confessional and your blog is super cute :) I'm also super jealous of that girl's's amazing.


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