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Happy Birthday... to ME!

YAY, it's my birthday! 

Unfortunately I will be spending most of my day in class, working on a paper and going to a Dr. appt. #bummer! But my family has decided to take me out to one of my favorite past time restaurants, I used to go all the time when I was younger and with my dad so I'm excited since I haven't been in a few years! 

Lets take a moment and look back... Just because I want to!
19th Birthday!
20th Birthday!
21st Birthday! 
 1st legal drink but I wasn't allowed to drink :( I had just been released from the  hospital 2 days before and was still on heavy meds and pain pills, boooo! 
So I drank Diet Coke instead!
These were my 2 roomies last year, Jenna and Jena! They threw me a tacky sweater party for my 22nd birthday! 

ok I'm done. Hopefully I can get some good family time in tonight and enjoy the few hours I will have to celebrate! 
Have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I was on pain meds from a powderpuff accident during my 21st birthday and had to go the diet coke route too. Wishing you the best birthday ever!!


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