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Holy Christmas!

Wait it's already Thursday?!? Where did the week go? Well I know where mine went... Christmas shopping and an emergency trip to Charlotte and my new apartment! Well, actually, emergency isn't really the word. It was a much needed, gotta get things done trip. Whew. 

So December is my favorite month, for obvious reasons. Birthday, sisters birthday, Christmas, family, food, need I say more? So yay for it being December!

Now, onto my post! Yesterday in class I get a text from Jerms saying: "Lets go to Charlotte tonight, your down? ok, good." haha umm sure! So we packed up everything Jeremy had left at his old house, said goodbye to his co-workers and roommates and we were gone! Jeremy graduated his program yesterday so he is officially moved into our new place! Yay, but sad because I will not officially be here until December 16th. :( We arrived in Charlotte, played a few hours of Mario, drank a few glasses of wine and then had an amazing night of sleep in my amazing, to die for bed. I forget how comfy it is since I haven'e slept in it for a while now! 
This morning we got up and had internet installed, hallelujah, then went off to do some necessary errands- you know, Apple store, Target, Starbucks. duh. So after a few hours of that I believe I can successfully say that our apartment is complete! I am still breaking by back trying to find art work I love but for now I can relax knowing that we really don't have anything else to purchase for daily living! whoooo!

So I decided to show y'all a few things we have done so far! I am kind of a perfectionist so I still need to "perfect" more before I do the big reveal! I'm such a dork!

Our dresser and mirror... complete with necklace hooks that slide in and out of the mirror (it doesn't stay open like that!) And a glimpse of the pillows Emily helped me pick out! 
Inside the top drawer, came with jewelry organizer! I LOVE that I can see all my stuff at once, half of its still in Greensboro sooo I may need to find more room! 
Our small little charlie brown tree! We weren't really in a place to buy and decorate an elaborate tree this year so we just used my stuff from college! I love it though!
Our tree may or may not have a Diet Coke ornament! Um yea Jeremy thought it was necessary that I have this little thing! He knows me so well... Love him!
The entertainment center! Were not big TV watchers and we didn't want to put a TV in the bedroom so this will do just fine for us! I got the shadow boxes at a yard sale a few years back, they're from Pottery Barn and retail at over $100 for both, but I paid a whopping $5 for both! 
My favorite chair, this is MY chair. It is the most comfortable and relaxing chair ever, currently blogging from it now! I love the holiday pillows we got, thanks Target. The other one is all snowflakes! Ps. notice my dancing Christmas bear? Yea he sings jingle bell rock and shakes his rump! 

Well we're off to dinner somewhere in the city! Jeremy is off to Jersey bright and early to see his dad tomorrow and it's back to reality for me at 6am! 


  1. it looks so good so far!! :) I love it!

  2. So much to love about this post! Your jewelry organizers are way cool and I love the steal of a deal you got on the shadow boxes. My hubby and I only have a tv in our living room too and it works out well for us. We also proudly displayed a Charlie brown tree our first Christmas and bought our big tree on major clearance the day after Christmas. Totally the way to go! Have a fab weekend!


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