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2012 To-Do's

I am not a fan of the new years resolutions, I've never made one and I hate being asked "so what is your new year resolution?" Um I don't know! So here is what I'm gonna do this year: I'm making a 2012 To-Do list. Huge fan of the to-do lists!

Bre's 2012 To-Do List:
- Devote more time to blogging each week
- Blog every day for a whole month 
- Make school my top priority and get good grades
- Attend Church more regularly 
- Read 6 books, including the one I have already started 
- Make more home made meals and dinners
-Spend one night a week with Jeremy just talking and catching up on each others lives, make time for each other so we don't loose the great communication we have we each other 
- Don't spend money stupidly, buy things I only need, not want

I tend to do well with writing things down and getting them done so I plan on writing this all down and putting it somewhere that daily I can remind myself of my goals for this year!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from NYE! We had far too many people in our apartment before going out then we had tickets to a great bar downtown and danced into 2012! Sadly I only took pictures here at our apartment! Oh and I opted out on the sequin disco ball skirt, omg that thing was a hot mess! Thank goodness I have far too many clothes for one person! 

Have a great week lovies!


  1. I find it easier to have a "to-do list" also for the year. I've written them down in my planner, so I can remember each day. Looks like you had a fun NYE! Love the pics!

  2. i love you new years goal!! and that's such a cute new year's dress! i wish i had seen what the sequin disco ball skirt looked like though haha!

  3. Great goals!!! Your New Year's dress is one word... gorgeous!!

    I just came across your blog and I think we have a lot in common!! I'm looking forward getting to know you!! Have a fab day!!


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo