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Code Orange: be an idiot

Code Orange: A state of urgency. A state of awareness. Something needs to happen 
Code Orange Revival: A 12 night worship experience to set the stage for 2012. Happening at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. 
aka. A bunch of people who are madly in love with God coming together to worship their Father for 12 nights. 
My Church is hosting Code Orange Revival, it started last night Jan. 11th and let me tell you, it was a life changing experience. It was amazing to see the love and passion for God just flowing through the Church. We filled our main location and our overflow location with people literally bursting out of both locations. The 12 nights are also being nationally televised and streamed online on Elevation Network every night. 
Last night Pastor Craig Groeschel, the founding and Senior Pastor of in Edmond, OK, spoke on being an idiot for God. Idiots for God obey irrationally, give extravagantly, and they do what others believe cannot be done. 

Acts 5:29- Peter and the other apostles replied: "We must obey God rather than men!"

Idiots for God don't care what the world says, they do it anyways. 
I am challenging myself this week to do something I would not normally do for God. I am very private with my spiritual life. It is not something I even sometimes feel comfortable discussing with Jeremy. I struggle with the right words and the feelings about my faith. So I am challenging myself to be an idiot and put my faith out there, on the internet, on my blog. 
I am a Christian, I am a follower of God. I am a child of God and I will profess this to whoever wants to know or doesn't. I love my God with an undying passion, I sit here weeping as I type because I can't imagine the pain and the struggle my God endured to die on the cross for me. Little, selfish me. 
I have been wrong in keeping my faith a secret to some, I hope God can forgive me for this. I know he will. The first time Tim Tebow wore John 3:16 on his face over 92 million people Googled John 3:16, that means that because he was bold enough to tell the world he is a follower of Jesus Christ 92 million people heard the Gospel that night. 92 million. I can only hope that at least one person chose to follow God that night. I can only hope that by putting my faith out there and doing something I would not normally do that maybe one person will choose to  open the Bible or google a verse and choose to follow God. 
I am no pastor, nor am I claiming to know everything, I promise you I know very little but I am saying that If you have a question or you want to talk I can be here, once again stepping out of my comfort zone because God has told me to. If I do not know the answer then I will find someone who can talk to you and who can help you. 
I pray that I have not made anyone uncomfortable by this post but I know in my heart that this is what My Savior is telling me to do. If you don't agree with me then God Bless You and I can only hope that one day you will hear the Word of God. If I loose followers because of this then thats ok, I am not here to serve man I am here to serve God.
You left your throne for our salvation 
Jesus Christ, the hope of our nation
battered by the weight of our nature
for our crimes You came to save

God of the world, You walked among us 
covered in flesh, in all of our weakness
You were despised, embarrassed, and lonely 
through Your shame we came alive

God be praised
forever we will shout Your name
Lord over all
You left heaven for earth
Your glory for us
Risen King be lifted high
Out of the dark, and into Your likeness
Caught in hope, a love so relentless
Called by name, Your sons and Your daughters bought with a price 
We are alive
Because I'm alive, I give You my life Because I am free, I'll bow at your feet
Because I am loved, I'm able to love Because I am Yours, my worth is secure


  1. Love this post! I commend you for taking a stand!

  2. This is great!! :)

  3. Hey girl! Just tagged you in my most recent post. Have an awesome weekend :)

  4. Because of you I actually started listening to Operation Orange the other day with the idea of listening for a few minutes, and ended up listening for nearly 2 hours. I didn't necessarily agree with every single point, but was intrigued every single minute. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful event!


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