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DIY infinity scarf

Hey Hey!
I did this DIY post on Emily's blog while I was a guest blogger but just to be sure every one of my readers gets to see, I figured I would also post it here!
The infinity scarf is a simple little craft and I am sure if you haven't already done one then you have seen the finished product! 

First start off with a large or XL t-shirt, I used a large mens Old Navy tee because they're super soft but any t-shirt will do! 

After laying the t-shirt out totally flat you need to cut off the bottom hem. The next cut you will make is straight across under the arm pits of the shirt. 
It should then look like this... (I rotated the shirt in the picture but the cut edges should be horizontal)

If you like the look of a whole piece of fabric you can stop here and wrap the scarf around twice, SUPER simple DIY scarf and ta-da its done! 

But for the second look you will continue cutting;
Next you will start cutting the shirt into 1-1.5 inch strips all the way across, little hint: if you fold the piece of fabric in half then you won't have to cut so much...

This is what the finished cut pieces should look like all together

To make the scarf wrap twice and look a little better you need to stretch the fabric, I just wrapped the end around my foot and pulled, a lot! 

Your scarf is done! 
Wrap the pieces around your neck twice and you can obviously style this many different ways, add pieces such as flowers or brooches!

Simple enough... like I said, sure you've already seen this little DIY but I'm always a little behind!

Good Luck!