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Hey, It's ok!

Linking up, again, with Brunch with Amber for Hey it's ok Thursday! 
Hey, it's ok...

...that I don't have a job. I keep feeling like a waste of space but I have been given this time off for a reason! I am spending more time with God, working on myself and I need to start studying my buns off! 

...that I decided to go natural today. wet hair is so in. right?

...that I am slightly obsessed with soda water & crystal light. Replacing diet coke of course, I need my fizz! 

...that I painted my nails yesterday and today. oh and I own exactly 45 nail polishes

...that I ordered a new comforter for one of the beds in our home. Just don't know which one. Also don't even know if I will like it on one of the beds, but I liked the color and it was chevron, and on sale. so I bought it. 

That's all I have for today, I think I feel a little better about myself now! (I'm pathetic I know!) 
Anyone else sitting around thinking... hey, it's ok?!

Side note: do and of you lovely ladies have an old Verizon iPhone that you would be willing to sell to me? My blackberry is crapping out on me and I can't upgrade till June! Sista needs to join the iPhone clan! 


  1. I wish I had as much nail polish as you, definitely jealous.

  2. great list!

    i am waiting on a full-time job too, trusting in Him is tough sometimes though...

    cute blog!

  3. Just found your blog :) Wet hair is so in (especially when you don't have the time or will to dry it haha!)

  4. I don't have a job either!:) I definitely have a lot more time to focus on school and my relationship with Christ :)
    Breanna xx

  5. Love your blog! I'm a new follower. I go with the wet look often..and I, too, own a bajillion nail polishes :)



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