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My Home!

I guess it's about time that I show y'all my new home! 

As I surf Pintrest on a daily basis I feel like all the work I've done is pathetic. I feel really proud of a room or decor piece and then I see others homes and whomppp I wanna change mine! But my style is my style so I need to stop comparing and wishing I had unlimited funds! For a 23 year old, I've done pretty well for myself! 

But I do love my new home and I am very proud of what we have done so far! 
So here goes, my home!

View from the front door: Kitchen to the right and "guest bedroom" to the left

 The guest room is actually supposed to be an office or "den" but we had an extra bed that we didn't want to throw away and we constantly have friends and family coming to stay so we turned it into a guest room. We hung the wire and curtains so people could have some privacy while staying with us! 

I love this bedding! I had it all through college and I LOVE the black & white! It is a little small but not too bad, its a cozy feeling in this room! 

On the other side of the of the room is my desk, oh lordy this thing is a mess, it is the one place in our apartment that has crap stuffed in the corner and inside the desk. I just don't know where to put it all! I'm a little embarrassed by this! 

The Kitchen is pretty simple, nothing fancy or to write home about! We have limited cabinet space but they are deep and the drawers to the right of the stove are LARGE! and they hold our entire pots and pan set plus some! 

My favorite part is our wine bar. Oh wine, my love. We have a great hanging wine rack, currently with no wine, oops. And I installed the wine glass rack under the counter. I just love this area! I would like to add a big round mirror on the wall but I haven't found the perfect one yet!

The Living Room! Probably my biggest headache so far! Remember a few weeks ago I didn't know what to do with this wall? Well I finally decided, a gallery wall it is! (ignore the missing picture! We're still searching for an old picture of J's puppy!)

I just love how open the entire kitchen/dining/living room is! I can cook and entertain while talking to everyone! The windows I die for, they bring in so much natural light, its wonderful! 

Our TV is sad but we don't ever watch TV. Like ever. We will maybe sit down and watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory or play some hardcore Mario Bros on the Wii but we just don't watch a lot so thats why its so small and the only TV we have!

Our Bedroom. I love it. We wanted simple, no pictures or massive pieces of art. just very simple and simple it is. Almost a little too simple... It looks a lot more inviting in person! J wants to add something over the bed but I just can't figure out what I want, and he has no idea so its staying this way. 

Our little Juliet balcony is so nice, I can't wait for permanent warm weather, these doors will never be shut!

Onto the bathroom! Now if you lived with me during college then you know that I am a bathroom re-doer. I own like 6 shower curtains, constantly changing them!! Got this one on super sale at Target last summer!
The big brown door is our closet!

My handy dandy lingerie drawers, Jeremy dominates the massive dresser we have so I had to ikea it up! 
And of course my FAVORITE saying "Keep Calm & Carry On"

My Pintrest creation, coffee beans with the brushes in them! Love smelling coffee while I put my makeup on!

And finally, the closet. We own WAY too many clothes, I'm pretty sure we could both wear a different shirt every day and never repeat an outfit! I color code everything. My shoes are the only thing I hate about the closet, they're everywhere! I need better organization for them but I just haven't found anything yet! Let me know if you have any ideas for small spaces!

So there you have it. My very cozy apartment in the city! We may have sacrificed a lot of storage and space but we love living downtown in the middle of it all! 

Any idea? Any improvements you would suggest?
Let me know!
I spend a lot of time at home right now so I will constantly be switching things up!


  1. I love it!! And what a great closet!!
    The bar area is awesome too!

  2. Cute! Can't wait to see it in person in a few weeks!!

  3. I love your gallery wall!! And I am so jealous of your closet...mine is the size of a shoebox.

  4. I LOVE it!! Agreed though your closet is awesome, mine is TINY!

  5. Cute! I did the same thing with my makeup brushes :)

    How do you like Charlotte so far?

  6. That big window in the living room is wonderful, SO much light!
    As for your closet - you should weed out stuff you really, truly are not going to wear ever(or very much) and donate it! Creates much less stress about what to wear.

  7. YAY I love it! I can't wait to see it in person!! :-)

  8. First time seeing your blog and ❤! My one and only is a Jeremy, too! I totally sympathize with wanting to change your decor! I'll do a project, purchase a piece, or complete a room...then I see something else and I yearn for a change! We just need to stop looking!!! (yeah right!)

  9. Love your house! Where did you get your little tray in your bathroom?


Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo