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On a hunt & some fab pants

Happy Wednesday loves! 
So starting school this week I have been spending a lot of time doing non-school related things, right? Oh, just me? Ok well I tweeted earlier in the week about my deal of the year, or deal of January since we all know I will be shopping multiple times this month, hundreds of times this coming year! 

So onto the deal. 
 I have never been into a Madewell store until my friend Rachel dragged me into one on Monday. 
I fell in love. It's my style up and down and all over. Times three. 
Naturally I browsed all the clothes I should not be spending money on, sadly decided not to spend money and headed for the sale rack. 
There I found these babies...
High waisted, wide leg lovely little pants. I didn't really care about the price because I wanted them regardless. Retail for $125 and I snagged them for $19.99. Yes mam I'll take em! Online they still say $39.99, hmm don't know why but that is not wait I paid for them! The picture really doesn't do them justice, they are much more wide legged and super retro looking, exactly what I love. 

These pants are comfy, super stylish and omg y'all they make your butt look luscious, think Beyonce, ok no but still they make your butt look great! 

So now onto my hunt... I want a certain pair of shoes before I break these pants in. 

I am not in love with the ones pictured above but thats pretty much the idea of what I want! Possibly a more brown color, not so red. And I would like more lacing but eh I wont be picky! 

Any of y'all tried the 70's wide leg look yet? I am loving it and I can't wait to have fun with this look! 

Anyone found some similar shoes? I want them to be exactly what the picture is in my head, just wish I could draw it! 

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  1. I love these! They are going to look so good on you! I have a pair but I can't pull them off because I'm so short


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