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A tad late

Excuse the absence, school dominated my life till Wednesday and then I was just worn out, like slept all day today worn out. 

Last weekend my mom, step-dad and sister were supposed to come to town, due to Sisters booming high school social life they had to post pone the trip. So very last minute we decided to pack up and head to the mountains! 

Friday night we went out to a small bar and danced our hearts out, I mean seriously danced...

Don't know who all the lezzies were at the bar but they made for a good time!!

Overall it was one hell of a night! 

Saturday the boys went snowboarding and I met up with Emily and we enjoyed the new Starbucks in town and did a little shopping! (she's a tad more prompt than I am so she has already blogged about our fun day, go read!)

Saturday night was full of laughter and once again too many drinks with great friends! 

So there was my weekend, better late than never right?

Anyone else a snowboarder? I just couldn't bring myself to do it!


  1. I've tried snowboarding a couple times - and it never ended well!


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