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Linking up with Jamie today for a little what I'm loving Wednesday!

I am loving the rain we got last night! I love a good thunderstorm and when you have windows as large as I do you would love 'em even more!

I am loving that our apartment is coming together! putting a few finishing touches and were almost done!

I am loving that it's already Wednesday, and Wednesday means lab day which goes by so much faster than lecture!

I am loving the maxi skirt trend, I think I will be purchasing a few of these precious things! (however, not those heinous shoes! ew!)

I am loving that my family will be in town this weekend to come see Jeremy & I  weekend filled with yummy food, good company and lots of laughter! 

I am loving my time off, I had to quit the job I got due to serious pay issues and total un-professionalism on the companies part. Made me feel SO uncomfortable! So I am just enjoying being at home and getting to put our apartment together and spend time with myself! Its nice. However it also means lots of time to job search, whomp. 

Anyone else loving today?


  1. I loved the rain last night too! There was no thunder in the mountains (there never is)but it was still great! I can totalllly see you in a maxi skirt, you trendy little thang!!

  2. Oh, there's nothing like feeling as if you're finally settling into a home! Congratulations and happy seeing beautiful!


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