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Ball Gowns & Bow-ties

Happy Saturday to all! 
I am blogging from home today, relaxing and preparing myself for the events this evening holds! 

Every year for as long as I can remember my mom and dad would attend the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Hope Gala. This is a swanky event to raise money for children with Type 1 Diabetes. I have type 1 so it makes sense my parents going every year! 

Two years ago was my first chance to attend the gala, it is quite an adult event. Black tie affair with open bar and too much money flying around trying to find a cure! Once I turned 21 my mom thought I should attend and I LOVED every minute of it. It is so nice to be surrounded by people who are passionate about something you deal and suffer from every day. 

 The evening consists of a 2 hour silent auction (this is my shit) there have been Longchamp bags, gift certificates to local designer boutiques, Vineyard Vines ties for the gents and SO much more! 
You then attend a dinner while young children speak about living with diabetes, after the dinner the live auction begins. That stuff is nice, private dinners of yachts, personal chefs for a month, trips to Colorado, etc. Crazy nice things!! 

After all of that there is a pledging time, basically people with money coming out their ears pledge thousands to the JDRF. 

The best part is that every single dollar in both auctions and pledging goes to the JDRF. In the past two years the hope gala has raised over a million dollars each years! 

Let me tell you one thing, I do not fit in at this event! The tickets are hundreds of dollars a piece and the ONLY way I have been able to go the past two years has been the generosity of my step-dads company. They reserve a table each year and encourage me to go since I am a diabetic! 

This year is the first year I will be bringing a hot date, or any date at all!
I am so excited, the dress is bought, the hair appointment has been made and I am just a few hours away from one amazing evening!! 
Promise I will post pictures this coming week! 

Here are a few pictures from the past two years!

I was totally under-dressed this year. Lesson learned!

Paul ended up pledging money and we both had a few too many to drink and we just started crying. He is such an amazing man! 

To end the night there is always a band... this gets cray-cray. Bow ties and shoes come off and people get down! 

Last year mom did not realize she was going to the gala till about 3 days before, so she wore the same dress. tisk-tisk. 

Funny thing about this gala night, it switches cities every year and last year it was in the same city where my best friend Leslie lived. It was Leslie's birthday so after the gala I went out with her, I met Jeremy that night and the rest is history. I can't wait to bring him this year! 


  1. My sorority's philanthropy is JDRF! :)

    you look so pretty in that dress!

  2. Both of your dress are gorgeous! I hope y'all have a great time this weekend!

  3. I love your dresses and your hair! Have fun and take lots of pictures! xo

  4. Sounds like such a good time! I can't wait for pictures.

  5. You looked beautiful for the past two years, so I can't wait to see pictures from this year! Have a great, great time!

  6. The gala sounds fabulous! Hope you have a great time this year! Can't wait to see pictures!

  7. Your second dress is amazing! You look so pretty in every picture. Can't wait to hear more about this year's Gala event. I hope you had a great time!



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