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Everyone Makes Mistakes

Have you ever looked back at a picture of you and said "OMG WTF?" 
No? Just me? 
Well I'm sure you have so lets just pretend everyone has done this at least once in their life. 

Last week I was bored out of my mind, what to do while bored? 
Stalk old pictures of college days. 
I would love to go back as far as high school but those pictures are long gone on an old HP Laptop in someones apartment in my old college town. 
Man I partied too hard. Just kidding but really... If anyone knows where that laptop is I would love to have it back! 

So moving on. 
I hope you're ready for a ridiculous amount of fashion no-no's and a large amount of bleach blonde hair, pushing white-blind-you-in-the-eyes-blonde hair.

Here is my case why I should have been slapped before I stepped out of the house looking like this...

Exhibit A:
I made poor outfit choices because I thought "hey why not look like the american flag on a Friday night?" or "omg suspender denim skirt? sign me up!?"

Exhibit B:
I wore dresses and skirts that screamed "I'M A TEASE!" not a whore because at the end of the night I went home with me, myself and I. But still, what was the point in wearing these two outfits?? 
I went dancing in the hot pink number, I can only imagine what old men saw that night!

Exhibit C:
I actually paid money for those sunglasses. TOO much money.
I got so tan at one point in the middle of October that I became a different race. (and obviously drank too much at football games)
And the fact that I even owned a jacket with a fur hood amazes me. Even better I took it to college with me.

Exhibit D:
I chopped off about 10 inches of my hair and bleached the absolute shizz out of it...
Even better, why did I own a shirt that said "ho ho ho"? Or that white blinged out watch for that matter.

Exhibit E:
I cried, a lot. 
I got extensions, because a good weave fixes everything. 
The extensions were lighter than my actual hair, so duh, I bleached it again...

I mean wow. 
Maybe it is just me but looking at what I did to myself is rough. And that weave, I wore the hell out of that weave. Way too many pictures of nights out and I'm literally either pulling tracks out at the bar or possibly just didn't correctly put it in so it looks like I'm wearing a wig over hair. AWESOME I tell 'ya! 

Have you ever looked back and thought, what the heck was I thinking? Any poor outfit choices you now regret? 

We all have one or two stories I'm sure...


  1. HAha love this! And ahh there are way too many things that I regret!

  2. haha yes!! I look back through pictures when I'm bored.. and it never fails that I regret haircuts, clothing choices, you name it! love this post!

  3. Haha. This post made me laugh because every girl has those days where she looks back and thinks WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? At least you've come to terms with them and turned it out. :)

  4. Ohhh we have definitely ALL been there! I bleached the top layer of my DARK brown hair - it came out yellow. I let some lady talk me into keeping it for awhile, because she said it looked awesome and was so different. She was a nut job haha.

    At least you've learned from your 'mistakes' ;-)

  5. These are not THAT bad. Trust me, I have WAY worse.

  6. Haha seriously, I agree with are being far too harsh on yourself! But yes, I look back at old photos and simply laugh. I didn't know enough to get my eyebrows waxed, let alone tweeze them appropriately enough at one point! Have a great day girlie.

  7. This is hysterical! But have no fear, we all have "that" photo album saved on our computer somewhere. I personally went through a sunglass phase in high school that left me with Racoon tan lines around my eyes for MONTHS after summer was over. It's only a matter of time till I find pictures of that most fashionable time in my life.

  8. I actually like your blonde hair. The blonder, the better, I say!
    You're just too critical of yourself, understandably.
    But, at least you have learned a lot about yourself along the way (:

  9. haha I love these pictures! Oh, I have one too many pictures from freshman and sophomore year that I wish would just disappear. in fact, some of them may have disappeared when I did a major photo clean out! It's definitely fun to look back at the terrible outfits and bad decisions we made!

  10. PLENTY of bad outfits and hair cuts! :)


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