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I'm an Old Woman

I love them. 
I rely on them, I will actually go ahead and say I am slightly obsessed with them.

I even have the "day of the week" pill box to house said vitamins  and also so I remember if I took them that day! (Maybe I need a memory vitamin? haha)

So in order for me to stay healthy I have a whole mess of vitamins I take! I really have noticed that when I skip a day or two I don't feel as great. I need my iron since I am slightly anemic and my weight won't fluctuate as much due to my thyroid problem if I religiously take my vitamins. 

I take these everyday (except the Melatonin) 

-Women's One A Day: pretty obvious why I take that

-Biotin 1,000 mcg: to help my hair and nails, this REALLY helps my nails, they are so much stronger and grow faster

-Cinnamon 500mg: I take to help regulate my blood sugar levels. This is not just for diabetics, anyone who struggles with low blood sugars or feeling week between meals this helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level 

-Ashwagandha 470 mg: This helps with regulating your body during times of stress

-Vitamin C 500mg: I don't take this everyday but I usually take it when I feel a cold coming on or I know I am going to be traveling or around a lot of people 

Due to Tuesday's late night post I decided to buy some 3mg Melatonin yesterday. I'll let y'all know if it starts working for me! Thanks to all the suggestions, but unfortunately there is no way I can cut caffeine out sooo Melatonin it is! 

I know the Biotin is supposed to help my my hair and growth and strength but I'm not seeing it. So any suggestion for hair health?

If you don't take some vit-mins everyday, you should. Just don't ever take them on an empty stomach! Learned that one the hard way!!

What vitamins do y'all take? Anything I should add to my slight obsession with vitamins?

 haha I'm ridiculous, I know!


  1. I take a lot too and even have a pill holder! I'm doing a post next week on mine as well. If you aren't seeing results from your biotin, you might want to up the mg. I take 2500 a day, but you can even buy the 5000 as well. Check that out maybe!

  2. I don't take vitamins, but I've heard great things about Women's One a Day, so I might start taking that!

  3. I take a lot of meds! For health issues, but I also take some vitamins! I've been taking biotin too! Definitely keeping my hair healthier!

  4. This is inspiring! I need to take my vitamins!

    I heard prenatal vitamins are REALLY good for your hair! Weird, I know.

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  5. I've started taking fish oil for hair and nails, and my hair is so much better because of it!

  6. I've been thinking I need to start taking vitamins... love this post!

  7. I really need to start taking some vitamins! I always say that, but this time, I need to make sure I do it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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