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My Workout. SAY WHAT?

If you know me then your jaw dropped when you read that title. 
But tis true. 
I've been working out.

I wan't about to be the girl all over Twitter and what not, advertising my workout and then I don't stick to it but so far its been over a week. And if I can do it for one week then I can do it for awhile.

It sucks and I almost tossed my cookies the first couple of days. true. But I need this to happen, for my health. 
With diabetes, a thyroid problem and having a history of tachycardia (fast heart beat) I can't really work out hard but I need to keep myself healthy!

I started off with Just Dance... don't laugh. If I'm gonna work out it has to be fun.

 That game isn't screwing around. 
They have a 7-day challenge on the game to get yourself in shape! The first level is equivalent to walking 30 min a day. 
Easy as pie.
I reached the daily goal with one song and was half way through the week goal by 3 songs.

The next level is equivalent to running 30 min a day. 
The daily goals are higher and the songs are harder. It took my 3 days to get trough the "week."

Last level is equivalent to swimming 30 min a day. MUCH harder. 
I started this challenge last Thursday and I am only through 2 days. ugh.

Gets your heart rate up (not that I need that) and gives you a serious arm workout!

So after I do the Just Dance/ Just kick your butt challenge I then ATTEMPT 2 or 3 of these ab workouts...
first and last one I can handle it's the middle one that i found on pinterest that literally makes me cry. SO HARD.

Every other day I also get on the elliptical to work my legs and butt out. We have a pretty nice gym in my building but for now I will just stick to stair steppin!

So 3 cheers to Bre and getting her butt off the couch every day and to getting in shape!

Anyone else struggling to work out? I am not a fan of this but hey It's healthy and I need to do it!

Any fun work out ideas I should know about?


  1. I need to workout, I haven't in forever. I keep telling myself that I will, but of course I haven't.

  2. Way to go girl! Getting up the motivation to start is the hardest. I've been putting off doing insanity again, just because I am so lazy haha. "Ah I'll start it tomorrow....or next week...or next month..."

    Keep us posted :-)


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