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Pink & White

I am lusting over the pink blazer and white trend I have been seeing on Pinterest! 

Gimme now... this whole outfit preferably!

If I had unlimited finds and could spend all day shopping, I would re-create the outfit above with these fabulous pieces! (ps. need those sandals ASAP!)
Pink & White

Pink & White by brenicole88 featuring leather strap watches

I would also LOVE to re-create this look

Pink, White and Navy

Pink, White and Navy by brenicole88 featuring water resistant watches

Mission this week, find a pink blazer! 

Anyone else LOVING the pink & white or pink, white & navy look?



  1. i do love the pink + navy + white combo! I really thought about using it as my wedding colors!

  2. Love the pink and navy! So happy to be a new follower of your blog :) -Elle

  3. I ordered a pink blazer from eBay, and I'm dying to get it home! I also am DYING to break out my white pants already. In fact, I'm itching to wear them on Saturday. Too soon, right????

  4. if you find a pink blazer you must tell me where!! I LOVE the first outfit, I see it all the time and i want to look just like her!!!


  5. H&M has the perfect pink blazer! I got mine for $35. They usually sell out as soon as they put them out on the floor but I got lucky.


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