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Pizza Crescent Rolls

Oh yes I'm doing a food post! 
I LOVE to cook but I am no chef. I keep it simple. Pasta is a weekly dish, along with pizza anything and the occasional bubba burger. Couscous is ALWAYS a side along with some broccoli. I die for those two. 

Last week I decided to combine two of our favorite things to eat. 
Pillsbury rolls + pizza= freakin' deliciousness!

What you need:
-Pillsbury Crescent rolls
-pizza sauce
-mozzarella cheese
-jalapeños (optional)
also you can throw in some veggies! Pretty much anything that can fit!

What you do:
-Heat oven to 350-375 (whatever it says on crescent roll label)
-While oven is preheating roll out the crescents on a non stick cooking sheet 
-put pepperonis on rolls first, put as many as you would like!

-Next add the sauce, cover the triangle with the sauce
-add cheese and jalapeños or veggies of your choice

-roll them up and toss them in the oven!
-the packaging says 7-8 min, I made two packs of them and it took about 15-16 min. When the edges start looking golden brown they're done!

 What ya get:
OHH yea!

 I served them with some ranch on the side and a salad with italian dressing! 
They were so delicious! We ate all of them!



  1. I've had these pinned for months! I need to make them! :)

  2. love the ncstate cup :)

  3. i made these for the super bowl and they were awesome!! and sooo easy! yummm!

  4. crescent rolls are amazing.. you can do anything with them. These look so quick and easy! Definitely making them soon :)


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