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Segways & Emeril Lagasse

So last Saturday my family visited! 
Gah I am really horrible at posting something right after it happens! But like I said last time, better late than never? Right?

They arrived early Saturday morning and Sister, Mom and I went prom dress shopping! Sister is super simple and couldn't find a dress simple enough! Crazy kid! I found myself a late Christmas present at 40% off... had to buy it. 

While the women shopped Jeremy and Paul went on a Segway Tour! I wish they would have taken pictures! I can only imagine how ridiculous they looked trying to navigate those things all while wearing a sleek looking helmet! 
During the tour they passed a new restaurant called E2. It is one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants! We have been to the two he has in Orlando, FL and they are both just to die for! The food is so different and delicious! So Paul decided to make a reservation, the restaurant had only been open for 2 nights and Emeril was actually there cooking! 

We took a few pictures before heading to dinner! 

typical Jeremy face!

 My sister is a huge baker and just loves to make pastry items and cakes. She's actually quite amazing and wants to attend college at Johnson & Wales culinary university here in Charlotte! She is a junior this year so fingers crossed that she gets in! So going to E2 and actually having Emeril himself cook our food was quite a moment for Sister! I managed to snap a picture (creeper status) and she actually got a cookbook signed by him! 

Sunday morning we attended Elevation Church and heard another amazing message as always. I am really starting to love our Church and I look forward to service every Sunday! 

Last weekend was hard to top but being ale to relax this weekend is so nice! Sleeping in today and just enjoying so time with Jeremy is exactly what I needed! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!!!


  1. I love your outfit! I can't believe you saw Emeril...I'm addicted to Food Network and I love his shows! That would be so cool to go to his restaurant!

  2. I have been dying to go to Emeril's new restaurant in Charlotte since I heard it was now open. That's so awesome that he was there cooking when you went!


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