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Shades of Summer

I am a lover of sunglasses. I am also a snob for some sunglasses! 
I love nice shades, I have bought my fair share of cheap sunglasses and I am always disappointed. 
To me it is so worth the money to buy a nice pair. I had a pair of Michael Kors for over 4 years and would still have today if I hadn't somehow lost them one day. I currently have a pair of Ray-Bans and another pair of Michael Kors that I just adore. 

Here are my choices for this summer! (Yes I am SO ready for summer!)
Shades of Summer

1 & 2 are my choices for a cute classic look. Great for any day on the beach or just in general! 

3 & 4 are on the different side. I love round and cat eye sunglasses. They don't look great on everyone but if you're willing to take the risk then these are two cute shades! 

5 & 6 are just fun! I always love having a fun pair to wear to the beach or fun outdoor concert!

Is anyone else a lover of sunglasses like I am? 


  1. Love all of these. I'm so ready for summer.

  2. I'm definitely not bold enough to rock anything but big sunglasses, or aviators....but I LOVE sunglasses! If I could have an unlimited budget for any piece of clothing/accessory it would be sunglasses or shoes ;-)

  3. I've been dying for a pair of tortoise shell ray-ban wayfarers for quite a while. I have some plain black fake wayfarers that I got for free at school, and I continue to use them because they're virtually indestructible. (And I have a bad habit of breaking sunglasses.) But I think this summer it might be time to invest in some nice shades... and a hard case so I don't break them!

  4. Oh I LOVE 5! I have been scouring websites looking for something like that - where are they from?

    1. Anthropologie!

  5. I bought a pair of tortoise shell raybans last summer and I LOOOOVE them. They are definitely worth the extra money. :)

  6. I would buy #5 and #3 in a heartbeat! SO CUTE!

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Thanks for the comment! I love to hear what my readers think, each comment means so much to me! xoxo