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Sleepless in Charlotte

Faithful readers & followers, 

We have a problem. 

I can't sleep. 

I have been ignoring this problem and blaming it on the fact that I no longer have to wake up at 7am. I wake up around 9-10. 
BUT the past two weeks this has not been the case. I decided to start waking up 30 min earlier every other day, I am now at 8:30am. 
Today I woke up at 8. Helped a friend move and work on his new apartment ALL day, didn't stop till 8PM!! 
I was exhausted, I was dying to get in my bed. Come 9pm I was there, lights out at 9:30. Jeremy is snoring away by 10pm.

It is now almost midnight and I am WIDE AWAKE!!! 
Like I could run a freakin' marathon wide awake. 
If I fall asleep I wake up every 30 min, I can't get good sleep past 7am and by then I don't care. 

This has happened almost 6 nights in a row now. 

I'm Pissed. 

Back in high school I struggled with insomnia, I would stay up for days and then crash hard. I fear that I am starting that cycle again and it scares me because I was a zombie back then. 

Any suggestions? Any ideas? 

I take a daily vitamin that is supposed to help with natural sleep cycles and what not, but it is not currently helping. 
I don't know if it is my bed or my sleeping partner or the food I eat/drink? 

I just need help. 

I've tried the lavender candles and pillow spray and I've tried the relaxation techniques of relaxing every body muscle until you feel like you weigh 10000 lbs and pass out. 

Someone help me.
a very sleepy girl. 


  1. I have been going through the same thing lately, I don't know what's going on!

    Do you drink coffee, lattes, espresso etc at any point in the day?

    Try taking Melatonin - I'm not sure if that's what you take currently. Or maybe Webers Super Sleep.

  2. i usually take the target brand "sleep aid"

  3. Work out if you're not and cut out caffeine during the day! I was never sleeping in college and I finally went to my doctor. He told me it was because I was drinking 2 coffee's and 3 diet cokes a day! Now if I do have a diet coke, it's at noon and NO later than that. I cut out coffee completely! And working out, mid afternoon will help your body be tired by the time it's bedtime!

    Good luck!

    PS: if worse comes to worse have your doctor give you a small RX for a sleeping pill; I have it and take it on nights I can't turn off my mind!

  4. I've found that I can't eat heavy food, drink caffeine, or chocolate after 6pm. It's helped my sleeping a ton!


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