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Sunday Funnies & Guest Blogging

Everyone needs a good laugh on this rainy, gloomy day!

Also I am guest blogging over at Life According to Crystal today! All about some colored pants for spring, you should know by now I am obsessed with the colored pants! 
Go over and read all about some fashion, she's had a few great guest bloggers this weekend! In general her blog is adorable and I always enjoy reading! 

Oh and sorry for lack of post yesterday. I know I promised to blog every day this month but it was Saturday and I blogged twice on a Friday last week so that justified it for me! I think... 
apologies my faithful readers. 

Stay warm on this rainy/snowy sunday! 


  1. This is hysterical! Perfect for ANY day, nevermind a rainy one.

  2. Hey there! Just saw your guest post on Crystal's blog and LOVED it--now following :) Love this post as well, too funny!

  3. i just got my dog a camo rain coat! so cute! haha


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