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Top 5 Tuesday: Most Worn Items!

Back again linking up with Rachel for Top 5 Tuesday! 

Just Peachy

This fine Tuesday is most worn items
This is going to be fun! I tend to wear the same things over & over but switching up the look of the item or accessorizing a lot!
Most Worn Items

Most Worn Items by brenicole88 featuring ballet shoes

1. Stripes & Blazers (preferably paired together)
I wear a lot of stripes and even though you haven't seen by my OOTD posts lately I LOVE me some blazers! I think I got a little worn out on wearing them for awhile but I'm ready to start wearing them again! 

2. Black jeans or for summer time, jean shorts. aka jorts. 
Self explanatory, I love black jeans. And yes, I have no problem rocking the jorts. Love when they are cuffed at the bottom and the darker, the better

3. My Steve Madden Kindgom flats
IN LOVE with these flats, I have them in 3 different colors but the nude leather are my favorite! They go with everything!

4. Michael Kors oversized Horn watch
I wear this watch every day. I have another rose gold watch that I bought in hopes to stop wearing this one so much but eh, that's never gonna happen!

5. NARS Heat Wave lipstick
every day, all day. Not optional. 


  1. i love a pair of jeans :)

    i wish i wore lipstick,that color is awesome!

  2. I need to try that lipstick. Asap. And I am so with you on blazers and stripes. I was tempted to put both on there. I've been wearing/buying so many blazers lately! And stripes is just a solid staple in my wardrobe it's almost to the point where it's embarrassing. Okay it is to that point.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I'm with you on the stripes, my collection of striped shirts is out.of.control. HAHA!!!

  4. I am seriously in love with that watch! so classy and cute!

  5. Oooh that lipstick is so daring, I'm not brave enough to try anything like that!


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