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Confessional Friday Link-Up & A Winner!!

-I confess that i've cheated twice on my "no fast food" for 40 days promise. But both times its been Chick-Fil-A, so that doesn't count, it's not fast food. Right?

-I confess that even though I came home to a clean apartment today I am going to lay around and not clean my own mess up. Nor am I going to unpack, it will stay in on the bedroom floor until further notice

-I confess that I wore leggings as pants today. Judge me. 

-I confess that I am coming to realize I have a serious online shipping addiction, its gotten bad. I just received two packages at my doorstep, that I totally forgot about. Surprise?!?

That's enough confessions for one day, I am now feeling a little down on myself. Nahhhh, the Chick-Fil-A was so worth it! ha!


Now for the Marley Lilly giveaway winner!!!!!

Congrats Shannon! Be sure to respond to my email so I can get the hat shipped out to you ASAP! 

Happy Friday Dolls!


  1. hey! found your blog via Leslie. I loved the name so I had to check it out! very cute, i signed up! & wearing leggings as pants is in style girl! rock it! check out my blog if you can!

    Xo Kelly

  2. Dropping by from Confessional Friday! You're too funny! I gave up sweets/sugar for 30 days, and have completely cheated without paying attention at least twice... *sigh*

    Is it Easter yet? :)

    Enjoy your weekend and I'm SO glad I found your sweet blog! Newest follower here!

    - Meg

    [Life of Meg]

    1. I wore leggings as pants today too. We're such rebels. I've also been there with the shopping. It's even worse when your husband asks about it and you can't answer because you forgot. . .whoops a daisy!;-)

  3. Found your blog from Leslie's! I wear leggings for pants a lot....oops! Anyway, love the blog! Have a great week!

    Claire @ Blue-Eyed Blonde

  4. Bre!

    ok 1. i share your obsession with Chick-fil-A. Absolutely my fav!
    2. I finally pieced it together that you're good friends with my good friend Perry! We were in the same sorority together at App-she always talks about how much fun yall have together we all need to hang out! (and Emily and I are friends from school too!) what a small world. I'm sure I'll meet you IRL sometime soon haha

    1. Hey girl! SOOO sorry it has taken me forever and a day to reply to you! I get so busy I forget the little "to-do" lists I create in my head! I know Perry has talked about you before, SUCH a small world! Emily is my girl, love that chick! We should plan a night to get together and drink a bottle of vino, I need some more friends here in the Queen city!!


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