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I Am...

I am... laying in bed.

I want... to find a job, can't keeping laying in bed till noon.

I Have... small boobs, which is okay because it just means I don't always have to wear a bra!

I Wish... I could be done with school, like now. 

I Hate... peOplE whO TypE LyKe tHiS!~* (grow up)

I Fear... the dark. I legit had a hard time sleeping last night because it was dark and I kept hearing things

I Hear... contstruction workers and aloud noises, rooftop is almost done though!!

I Search... for cute clothing items, all day, every day. 

I Wonder... when J & I will get engaged for real. I told him he could have my ring from my dad but after lots of thought I want a new ring, I can't part with the fact that this was my moms ring. SOOO thats gonna make the date a little further away!

I Regret... not giving my dad a kiss and a hug every single day. 

I Love... fashion.

I Ache... in my legs, dang spinning bike whooped by ass.

I Always... take my vitamins, I freak out if I forget. 

I Usually... lay in bed till 11am. This is getting ridiculous! 

I Am Not... one to take shit from anybody. After my last relationship was so verbally abusive I have learned to stand up for myself in a positive way, no more going spider monkey on someones ass. (Thats a story for later)
I Dance... every morning, in the shower.

I Sing... in the shower also. But I suck. 

I Never... buy anything at full price. EVER. If there isn't a coupon or a sale going on I am not interested. But I usually can find a good deal, I have a knack for it!

I Rarely... wear flats out. If it's the weekend or a Thursday night. I will always have on heels. The higher the better!

I Cry... when its that time of the month, holy mother I cry. Usually for no reason at all. 

I Am Not Always... crazy & loud. I can actually be quite reserved and calm when needed. 

I Am Confused... As to why people care about other peoples life so much. Live your own, why do you care so much about what I'm doing in mine? I don't mean this in a way like I put it on my blog and you read it, I mean when girls search and dig though FB, Twitter, etc. to see what someone is doing. WHY DO YOU CARE?!? You're obviously not content enough with your own life!

I Need... to switch out my closet from winter to spring/summer. It's bugging me.
I Should... get out of bed. I have a practical tomorrow and I don't have the slightest clue what it is on! 

I Miss... My puggie, Mitzy. I have been struggling lately to overcome this sad feeling I have when I think about her :(

Happy Tuesday loves! Hope your weather wherever you are is as gorgeous as mine is here! Ah love it! 


  1. OMG we're like the same person a few years apart! XOXO

  2. All I have to say after reading this is "You go Glen Coco". I can't agree with you more about the Ano¥InG TyP1nG, or about the FB stalking. Some people simply don't know where the line between online lives stop and real life begins!


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