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The Memories from High School

I don't know why I am doing this or why I feel the need to publicly humiliate myself but here goes...

Pictures from high school. 

You know you love it, firing up the old desktop you uploaded thousands of pictures to years ago and looking through them all, deleting a few, keeping the majority of them for an embarrassing wedding photo slideshow one day. I was home yesterday and did just that. They brought back SO many memories, I don't really keep in touch with most of my friends because we all went such separate ways but gosh I miss some of these days! 

For your viewing pleasure... Bre, in high school
lauren & I on halloween
The classic I wanna be Daisy Duke for Halloween so I can wear short, shorts. 

ali, sarah??, me and jessie in R&R
This was considered a class, Rhythm & Rhapsody... aka bullshit around in the auditorium for 2 hours

Party at my house one night, little sisters bows were totally necessary. Also got busted for having this party because someone stole my moms fake fruit and she found out... #fail

hannha. mimi. me. cameron.
18th birthday, mom rented a limo and took us about an hour away to the Cheesecake Factory. I thought we were the shit, "the quad" we called ourselves. 

I refused to wear that dumb black velvet shirt thing and get my pictures taken for Senior year, so I slapped on a pretty dress and let my dad take some snap shots on the back porch. We sent 300 of this one out, yes that was my Senior picture! 

duck face & deuces, in the Cook Out parking lot. obviously a hang out for us losers. 

This happened a lot. I was weird. and wore shit like this. No lie I wore that abercrombie kids top until it was so worn you could see thought it. 

me, hannah & mimi before senior prom. 
I also refused to pay money for someone to do my hair and make-up, so I wore some mascara and actually was too lazy to dry my hair, natural it went. to prom. Also borrowed the dress, couldn't imagine paying money for something I would only wear for 4 hours. 
I. Was. Weird. 

Tried to egg a teachers house one night, egg ended up on my head. The whole egg. That's what I get for trying to be a rebel. 

lauren & I in florida
Hollister tank tops & jeans skirts were my thing. Also that belt, I wore it every single day. 

I had not only pink hair...

...but purple also. someone slap me.  

me. katy. hayley. hazel. 
I threw a party the night The Hills premiered, we dressed up and sipped on sparking cider. GAH I was so awesome. 

"The Quad" Mimi, Hannah, Bre & Cameron. 
We were inseparable, did everything together. Even had this fancy little Christmas shin-dig where we ate fancy food in our pj's and exchanged best friend infinity necklaces. awww. 

Garage parties were the thing. Note: it's December and were all in Hollister tanks and probably skirts. 

Overall I was a good kid, kinda weird, loved Hollister a little too much but I had great friends and made even better memories! 
I enjoyed looking through all those pictures, to see how we've changed. 
Hayley has graduated and is working a big girl job- love her heart!
Mimi is almost done with college, so in love. 
Hannah is pregnant with a little bambino.
Cameron is MARRIED! go girl! 
Lauren is married! 
Hazel is married!
Katy is married! 
OMG typing that just made me have a panic attack. 

I miss all you girls! If you read my blog please know I think about you all, all the time! Hope you are all doing well!

Please feel free to comment, laugh/judge. It's ok. 
Have y'all ever done this? Just me? I love looking at pictures, I take so many so I can always remember what was happening! This was too fun! 

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  1. Such cute pictures! Don't be embarrassed of what you wore, I wore 3 stripe ADIDAS pants in middle school, haha!

  2. aww this post made me smile! :) i just recently gave away all my old hollister & abercrombie clothes to my little next door neighbor. wish i could get back the money for all those $30 lacey hco tanks :( oh well, it's the price we paid to look totalllllllly AWESOME back in the day haha

  3. This is great! Honestly there's nothing like looking back and realizing that we had a warped idea of what was cool. At the rate I'm going by the time I'm old and wrinkled there'll be no need for Comedy Central.

  4. HaHa!! Just randomly found your blog from Shasta Anne's blog... This post cracked me up. I did the exact same thing for prom: borrowed dress, did my own hair & make-up. Soo funny. I remember girls paying $200-300 for prom dresses PLUS getting hair and make-up professionally done. Seriously??? haha


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